Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Planning 101

I'm a researcher and planner by nature so when I got engaged, I dove in head first to wedding planning land. It can be overwhelming but incredibly fun too! There are so many wonderful tools out there to help DIY planner brides like myself so between that and by BFF Google - we've accomplished so much!

The first steps of wedding planning are figuring out the three main factors
- Budget
- Guestlist
- Location

The thing is, you can't really figure out one of these three without the other. They all directly relate to the budget.

In my case, we had a rough budget and guestlist put together pretty quickly. The location was going to be a major factor in making things work. We live in Los Angeles and after doing some venue shopping online, I quickly realized that there was no way we could afford the kind of wedding we wanted to have in Los Angeles. The next logical step is to look somewhere else.. somewhere less expensive.

The natural choice for us was my most favorite city. Savannah, Georgia. It is where my fiance and I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design (me for a BFA in Interior Designer and him for a MFA in Visual Effects). We didn't actually meet until we had both moved to LA but the city will always be special to us as a reason for meeting each other. Not only is Savannah stunningly beautiful, but it is WAY cheaper than LA! Woohoo!

So we nailed down the Location, Budget and Guest list.. We've poured the foundation; Now lets put up some studs!

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